About Traxr

The true story of Traxr.net

Lennart Øster and Tim Petersson started Traxr in 2019, after years of working with link building on their own and customers sites.
One of the recurring problems was links being changed after they where published. Some where removed and others changed from dofollow to nofollow or sites where closed, redirected or any other number of issues.

To be able to be proactive they developed Traxr.net, with one goal in mind.

It must be super easy and intuitive to monitor links and react on any events.

Lennart Øster

Lennart has worked with SEO and Link building for more than 10 years.

Expert in Search Engine Optimization and Affiliate Marketing

20 Years experience with programming and Project management

Tim Peterssen

Tim has 10 years of experience with Affiliate Marketing and Search Engine optimization

Expert in programming and database management as well as complex problem solving

The main developer of Traxr