About Traxr

The true story of Traxr.net

Traxr is a backlink CRM system created by Jimmi Meilstrup and Kristoffer Tølbøll. The inspiration for creating the system was the idea of many companies managing their backlinks in Large Excel Spreadsheets and other documents without having the ability to manage their backlinks in a user-friendly and dynamic fashion.

Traxr aims to solve this issue with state-of-the-art technology that allows you to see your KPIs and have analytical insight into how their backlinks are performing over time.

We are constantly aiming to improve Traxr and become an industry-leading tool in the SEO and backlinking industry.

Feedback and inquires should be sent to [email protected]

Jimmi Meilstrup

Jimmi is an entrepreneur by heart and has always had a passion for generating ideas, developing concepts, and eventually implementing them; this is how Traxr was born.

Jimmi is devoted to delivering value to the customer. His experience in the affiliate and SEO industry provides a unique perspective to make Traxr one of the industries leading CRM platforms for backlinking. Jimmi has been involved in 9 start-ups and has completed four successful exits.

Jimmi's core competencies are his creativity and his orientation toward solutions.

Kristoffer Tølbøll
Tech Lead

Kristoffer is the tech lead of Traxr and manages the development process, and delivers value to the end customer.

He has over 5+ years of software engineering experience. He has worked in a diverse array of industries, and he has a passion for being between the technical and the commercial side of the business.

Kristoffer's core competencies are his ability to think outside the box and apply his technical knowledge to solve business problems.